2010 League notes

1)   3 Home Runs per inning per team

2)   Wild Card Hitter allowed, used once an inning for any hitter must either go in for player or not used again after 5th time used.

3)   All Players must have like shirts with different numbers. Any deviations, opposing manager must approve

4)   Wild Card Runner does not have to be listed on line-up card.

5)   Courtesy Runner once an inning-last recorded out.

6)   Only People on Team Roster allowed in dugout, on field or base coaching.

7)   Use of an illegal bat, player out for game being played and next game.

8)   Found Doctored Bat, player will be banned from ASA for life.

9)   League using "NO RATTLE" Rule on bats. When bat is shaken-if rattle heard-bat is illegal.

10)  ALL-STAR GAME planned for end of year.

11) All bats must be tested before able to be used in league play.