Brunswick Mens Softball League

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Team Staff

Upper Division
1-No Shock Rinkes, Craig Coach 330-635-9273

2-MC18-BLS Michalik, Pat Coach 440-596-2131

3-BBS Krajnak, Jeff Coach 440-381-4291

4-Panini's 1 Slimak, Andrew Coach 330-205-7312

5-Lighthouse Stacy, Neal Coach 216-702-5985
Lower Division
10-Draft House Santillo, Gino Coach 330-241-1756

6-Panini's 2 Szeszak, John Coach 440-781-3682

7-York Auto / Herman's Mickas, Matt Coach 440-724-7640

8-??? Buchner, Rick Coach 330-998-1718

9-Dandy Blend Reale, Anthony Coach 440-537-7211

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